Where Nature Infuses With Beauty – Pendeen, Cornwall

A natural trail soothes one and all. Welcome to Pendeen, a Cornish village famous for its natural escapades and its hold on the mystical nature realm. Known for a vast forte of things, be it mines, pottery, natural beauty or even its steam engine, Pendeen doesn’t fail to enthrall. It is definitely one of the must visit places in United Kingdom for a beautiful family day out and few of the must do activities are as follows:

Visit the Porthcurno Beach, a lovely sunny beach that has golden sands and a not so harsh sun for the perfect amount of tanning and relaxing. Walk the small flight of stairs leading to the beach and there you are, but do call the Beach authorities and confirm their timings first. The ride from Pendeen to Penzance is breathtaking and everyone will definitely enjoy it! The straight road, the wind in the face and the sun that looks smiling down on you is one of the special features of the Cornwall County!

Even the Portheras Cove is a beautiful locale with just the prettiest of beaches. This is comparatively closer lying in the Pendeen area itself and its serene, peaceful beach will leave you enchanted. It is usually described as West Cornwall’s hidden secret and isn’t known to most tourists and therefore it provides you with all the privacy you could possibly want.

This beach can be accessed via the Pendeen Lighthouse’s Car Park and it is a crescent shaped beach with close to no facilities and is as raw, untouched as it can get! It is a 30 minutes long walk and therefore not recommended for the elderly or the physically challenged folk. There are usually frequent sighting of seals, but is not a recommended place for swimming due to all the wreckage. That was why the Pendeen Lighthouse was built in the place, to guide ships away from this rocky terrain.

If you are looking for something more exciting, head over to the GB Surf School and take a class or two or the Kernow Coasteering for the adrenaline pump that you need so bad. You also have another surfing center known as the Sennen Surfing Center so Pendeen definitely leaves you spoilt for choices. If that doesn’t intrigue you quite as much, you could also visit the Jubilee Pool, an outdoor sea water pool known for its art deco, which was opened to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of George V in 1935. It is located at Mount Bay’s Seafront and is exquisite.

Most of the houses here are cottages with lovely gardens and people do take their gardening seriously here. If you are a gardening fanatic, this place has one of the prettiest gardens to offer namely the Morab Gardens, the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, the Trewidden Gardens and the Trengwainton Gardens. Pendeen is a village that concentrates and indulges its natural beauty having abundance of greeneries coupled with a few hills, mountains and beaches to leave you enchanted and wanting for more!

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