Utilizing the Slot Game Auto Play Feature

By playing the huge and ever growing range of Playtech designed slot games online you are going to be able to make use of a feature that you may find very useful.

That feature is the auto play option setting, and by making use of it you will be given the ability of choosing just how many spins you would like the slot you are playing to play off for you automatically, and with no input required from you.

However, there are some rather strange laws in place in certain countries of the world which state that players playing in those countries are only allowed to play off a certain number of spins automatically. In fact some countries gaming and licensing authorities have chosen to make the auto play feature not an option at casinos they license!

If you are permitted to use the auto play feature then you will find it can be handy to use when for example you have claimed a bonus and want the slot to play itself for a certain number of spins to allow you to try and make the play through requirements attached to the bonus you have in play in your account.

How to Use Auto Play

If you wish to use the auto play feature then here is a step by step guide as to how you can use that slot game feature when playing any Playtech designed slot online.

Launch the Slot – The first thing you will need to do is to launch the slot game you wish to play. To do so you simply need to scroll through the slot game menu and select the slot you would like to play and then click on it.

Click on Auto Play – Once your chosen slot game has launched you then need to click onto the Auto Play button. You will then be given a series of options described below which will allow you to select just how many spins and stake that you wish to have played off automatically.

Choose your Stakes – You will have the option of choosing any coin value you wish to have in play on each of your auto play spins. With that in mind make sure that you pick a coin value setting that will allow you to afford to play off the number of spins you want to play off!

Select Number of Spins – The only other option you need to configure to set the auto play is to choose just how many spins you want to have in play via the auto play setting. You will be able to play as many spins automatically via the auto play setting as is permitted by the licensing authority at which the casino site you are playing at is licensed.

Be aware that when a slot game bonus game has been triggered the auto play setting will cut off, and you will then need to play off that bonus game manually.

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