Things to do in Pendeen, Cornwall: Historical Sightseeing

The beautiful village of Pendeen is located in Cornwall, England in the United Kingdom. This Cornish village, which is one of the lowest points in the country’s map, is a lovely nature escapade with lovely sceneries, both natural and fabricated, being an important tourist hub. The natural landscape of Pendeen is breathtaking with mountains and hills covered by green grass and perennials trees. The ancient forts and monuments only add to its breath taking beauty.

A must do in Pendeen is the historical sightseeing; it hosts one of the most beautiful Medieval Architecture. No wonder it comes under the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Pendeen Watch is a lighthouse designed by the late Sir Thomas Matthews in 1891. Furthermore, it was made to help save ships that crashed on a daily basis at the rocky highlands and is a beautiful white circular lighthouse that enthralls all.

Moreover, Pendeen was known for its abundant supply of mines and though they have now ceased to exist, the Greevor Mine was reopened as the Heritage Museum with tourist getting to see the mine and how it functioned. Pendeen also has a variety of remarkable Bronze and Iron Age relics that date back to almost 4000 B.C and you could see many standing stones in circular format akin to the Stonehenge.

The En Scryfa is a giant stone statue built to commemorate the death of a royal Celtic Warrior. The Chun Castle is another must see site in Pendeen. The Chun Castle is an Iron Age hill fort was built around 500 BC, but fell into disuse in the 6th Century A.D. Today all that remains are ruins and remains of the once magnificent fort castle. Iron and Tin are still found near the Castle’s remains especially its well.

The Levant Mine and Beam Engine is another major attraction of Pendeen. It features a fully functional steam engine that runs until date, offering underground tours for tourists. It is a National Trust property and one of the last few engine beams that run even today. It received a nickname ‘mine beneath the sea’ because of its tin and iron stores and because of how deep it has been dug.

Carn Kenidjack is a hill that is known for the whistling sounds, the wind makes while passing through the eccentric shaped stones. Tales go of how it is a haunted site with two locals seeing dueling bouts between supernatural beings officiated by the devil himself. Tourists who love haunted stories always visit the place in the hope of witnessing something unnatural themselves.

The major reason for visiting Pendeen though, has to be its thriving and fun local life. You get to see the very essence of nature imbibed with a little human fraternizing to give you the most loving and peaceful environment. It is the definition of a proper English village and you get to meet the locals and know more about their culture and various traditions. It is the epitome of a good ‘ol fine time!

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