Pendeen Welcomes You To The Paradise And Beyond

A land of natural beauty and awe, Cornwall has been one of its kinds for its close ties with the nature, and the crown jewel on its quest for tourist attraction is definitely the vibrant village of Pendeen. Known for its abundant ores, which are now depleted, and its mesmerizing beaches and green hills, Pendeen captures the heart of most! Being one of the lowest points in all the island of U.K. it is a part of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the village is also called ‘Boskaswal Wartha’ in their native tongue, Cornish.

The basic modern man-made structures you can see in Pendeen is its community center, post offices, art and gardening clubs, lighthouse and like most British villages, a football club – The Pendeen Rovers AFC. The naturally formed landmarks though are the one that will leave you enchanted. The Greevor Tin Mine is what Pendeen is most famous for, along with the Levant Mine and Beam Engine.

The Greevor Tine Mine is now exhausted of resources but that hasn’t stopped it from attracting tourists and is therefore now a tourist spot with underground tours being provided and is one of the lowest dug mines in U.K having called ‘the mine below the sea’. The Levant Mine and Beam Engine is one of the only fully functioning still running steam engines in the world today and a ride on it takes you right back to the good ‘ol days.

Pendeen is also known for its pottery, so you could find a local store and take a class or two. Other than that, you have a range of extreme sports available at your arrival for the adrenaline junkie in you. You could also visit the Penlee House Gallery and Museum that holds one of the finest local paintings and is a sheer delight to witness. In addition to all of this, you can always visit their famous beaches known for its pristine waters and golden sands having a very few numbers of tourists, thus giving you all the privacy you could want to unwind and relax.

Other amazing places to visit include the Pendeen Lighthouse that was built in 1981 to keep ships and boats away from the rocky highlands where it usually crashed and perished. Today it is one of the most beautiful lighthouses, with a nice touch of white glowing during the day and the night! You could also visit the inscribed stone near Carn Kenidjack, a hill famous for the whistle blowing sounds the wind makes due to its weirdly shaped stones.

Ballowall Barrow is another must see attraction of the place, a Bronze Age tomb and the Chun Castle, an Iron Age Hillfort that today rests in ruins, but is still famous for its tin mines. The word Chun means ‘House of the Downs’ and therefore this castle is also known as Chun Downs sometimes. Moreover, last but not the least, the Jubilee Pool, an open-sea art-deco pool that is one of the last few of its kind in U.K might give you the purest form of tranquility, pleasure and bliss.

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