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Utilizing the Slot Game Auto Play Feature

By playing the huge and ever growing range of Playtech designed slot games online you are going to be able to make use of a feature that you may find very useful.

That feature is the auto play option setting, and by making use of it you will be given the ability of choosing just how many spins you would like the slot you are playing to play off for you automatically, and with no input required from you.

However, there are some rather strange laws in place in certain countries of the world which state that players playing in those countries are only allowed to play off a certain number of spins automatically. In fact some countries gaming and licensing authorities have chosen to make the auto play feature not an option at casinos they license!

If you are permitted to use the auto play feature then you will find it can be handy to use when for example you have claimed a bonus and want the slot to play itself for a certain number of spins to allow you to try and make the play through requirements attached to the bonus you have in play in your account.

How to Use Auto Play

If you wish to use the auto play feature then here is a step by step guide as to how you can use that slot game feature when playing any Playtech designed slot online.

Launch the Slot – The first thing you will need to do is to launch the slot game you wish to play. To do so you simply need to scroll through the slot game menu and select the slot you would like to play and then click on it.

Click on Auto Play – Once your chosen slot game has launched you then need to click onto the Auto Play button. You will then be given a series of options described below which will allow you to select just how many spins and stake that you wish to have played off automatically.

Choose your Stakes – You will have the option of choosing any coin value you wish to have in play on each of your auto play spins. With that in mind make sure that you pick a coin value setting that will allow you to afford to play off the number of spins you want to play off!

Select Number of Spins – The only other option you need to configure to set the auto play is to choose just how many spins you want to have in play via the auto play setting. You will be able to play as many spins automatically via the auto play setting as is permitted by the licensing authority at which the casino site you are playing at is licensed.

Be aware that when a slot game bonus game has been triggered the auto play setting will cut off, and you will then need to play off that bonus game manually.


Where Nature Infuses With Beauty – Pendeen, Cornwall

A natural trail soothes one and all. Welcome to Pendeen, a Cornish village famous for its natural escapades and its hold on the mystical nature realm. Known for a vast forte of things, be it mines, pottery, natural beauty or even its steam engine, Pendeen doesn’t fail to enthrall. It is definitely one of the must visit places in United Kingdom for a beautiful family day out and few of the must do activities are as follows:

Visit the Porthcurno Beach, a lovely sunny beach that has golden sands and a not so harsh sun for the perfect amount of tanning and relaxing. Walk the small flight of stairs leading to the beach and there you are, but do call the Beach authorities and confirm their timings first. The ride from Pendeen to Penzance is breathtaking and everyone will definitely enjoy it! The straight road, the wind in the face and the sun that looks smiling down on you is one of the special features of the Cornwall County!

Even the Portheras Cove is a beautiful locale with just the prettiest of beaches. This is comparatively closer lying in the Pendeen area itself and its serene, peaceful beach will leave you enchanted. It is usually described as West Cornwall’s hidden secret and isn’t known to most tourists and therefore it provides you with all the privacy you could possibly want.

This beach can be accessed via the Pendeen Lighthouse’s Car Park and it is a crescent shaped beach with close to no facilities and is as raw, untouched as it can get! It is a 30 minutes long walk and therefore not recommended for the elderly or the physically challenged folk. There are usually frequent sighting of seals, but is not a recommended place for swimming due to all the wreckage. That was why the Pendeen Lighthouse was built in the place, to guide ships away from this rocky terrain.

If you are looking for something more exciting, head over to the GB Surf School and take a class or two or the Kernow Coasteering for the adrenaline pump that you need so bad. You also have another surfing center known as the Sennen Surfing Center so Pendeen definitely leaves you spoilt for choices. If that doesn’t intrigue you quite as much, you could also visit the Jubilee Pool, an outdoor sea water pool known for its art deco, which was opened to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of George V in 1935. It is located at Mount Bay’s Seafront and is exquisite.

Most of the houses here are cottages with lovely gardens and people do take their gardening seriously here. If you are a gardening fanatic, this place has one of the prettiest gardens to offer namely the Morab Gardens, the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, the Trewidden Gardens and the Trengwainton Gardens. Pendeen is a village that concentrates and indulges its natural beauty having abundance of greeneries coupled with a few hills, mountains and beaches to leave you enchanted and wanting for more!


Things to do in Pendeen, Cornwall: Historical Sightseeing

The beautiful village of Pendeen is located in Cornwall, England in the United Kingdom. This Cornish village, which is one of the lowest points in the country’s map, is a lovely nature escapade with lovely sceneries, both natural and fabricated, being an important tourist hub. The natural landscape of Pendeen is breathtaking with mountains and hills covered by green grass and perennials trees. The ancient forts and monuments only add to its breath taking beauty.

A must do in Pendeen is the historical sightseeing; it hosts one of the most beautiful Medieval Architecture. No wonder it comes under the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Pendeen Watch is a lighthouse designed by the late Sir Thomas Matthews in 1891. Furthermore, it was made to help save ships that crashed on a daily basis at the rocky highlands and is a beautiful white circular lighthouse that enthralls all.

Moreover, Pendeen was known for its abundant supply of mines and though they have now ceased to exist, the Greevor Mine was reopened as the Heritage Museum with tourist getting to see the mine and how it functioned. Pendeen also has a variety of remarkable Bronze and Iron Age relics that date back to almost 4000 B.C and you could see many standing stones in circular format akin to the Stonehenge.

The En Scryfa is a giant stone statue built to commemorate the death of a royal Celtic Warrior. The Chun Castle is another must see site in Pendeen. The Chun Castle is an Iron Age hill fort was built around 500 BC, but fell into disuse in the 6th Century A.D. Today all that remains are ruins and remains of the once magnificent fort castle. Iron and Tin are still found near the Castle’s remains especially its well.

The Levant Mine and Beam Engine is another major attraction of Pendeen. It features a fully functional steam engine that runs until date, offering underground tours for tourists. It is a National Trust property and one of the last few engine beams that run even today. It received a nickname ‘mine beneath the sea’ because of its tin and iron stores and because of how deep it has been dug.

Carn Kenidjack is a hill that is known for the whistling sounds, the wind makes while passing through the eccentric shaped stones. Tales go of how it is a haunted site with two locals seeing dueling bouts between supernatural beings officiated by the devil himself. Tourists who love haunted stories always visit the place in the hope of witnessing something unnatural themselves.

The major reason for visiting Pendeen though, has to be its thriving and fun local life. You get to see the very essence of nature imbibed with a little human fraternizing to give you the most loving and peaceful environment. It is the definition of a proper English village and you get to meet the locals and know more about their culture and various traditions. It is the epitome of a good ‘ol fine time!

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Pendeen Welcomes You To The Paradise And Beyond

A land of natural beauty and awe, Cornwall has been one of its kinds for its close ties with the nature, and the crown jewel on its quest for tourist attraction is definitely the vibrant village of Pendeen. Known for its abundant ores, which are now depleted, and its mesmerizing beaches and green hills, Pendeen captures the heart of most! Being one of the lowest points in all the island of U.K. it is a part of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the village is also called ‘Boskaswal Wartha’ in their native tongue, Cornish.

The basic modern man-made structures you can see in Pendeen is its community center, post offices, art and gardening clubs, lighthouse and like most British villages, a football club – The Pendeen Rovers AFC. The naturally formed landmarks though are the one that will leave you enchanted. The Greevor Tin Mine is what Pendeen is most famous for, along with the Levant Mine and Beam Engine.

The Greevor Tine Mine is now exhausted of resources but that hasn’t stopped it from attracting tourists and is therefore now a tourist spot with underground tours being provided and is one of the lowest dug mines in U.K having called ‘the mine below the sea’. The Levant Mine and Beam Engine is one of the only fully functioning still running steam engines in the world today and a ride on it takes you right back to the good ‘ol days.

Pendeen is also known for its pottery, so you could find a local store and take a class or two. Other than that, you have a range of extreme sports available at your arrival for the adrenaline junkie in you. You could also visit the Penlee House Gallery and Museum that holds one of the finest local paintings and is a sheer delight to witness. In addition to all of this, you can always visit their famous beaches known for its pristine waters and golden sands having a very few numbers of tourists, thus giving you all the privacy you could want to unwind and relax.

Other amazing places to visit include the Pendeen Lighthouse that was built in 1981 to keep ships and boats away from the rocky highlands where it usually crashed and perished. Today it is one of the most beautiful lighthouses, with a nice touch of white glowing during the day and the night! You could also visit the inscribed stone near Carn Kenidjack, a hill famous for the whistle blowing sounds the wind makes due to its weirdly shaped stones.

Ballowall Barrow is another must see attraction of the place, a Bronze Age tomb and the Chun Castle, an Iron Age Hillfort that today rests in ruins, but is still famous for its tin mines. The word Chun means ‘House of the Downs’ and therefore this castle is also known as Chun Downs sometimes. Moreover, last but not the least, the Jubilee Pool, an open-sea art-deco pool that is one of the last few of its kind in U.K might give you the purest form of tranquility, pleasure and bliss.

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About Pendeen Hotel

Welcome to Pendeen Hotel, Newquay in Cornwall. This value for money budget hotel is located just across the road from the sandy beach at Porth and only a mile from Newquay, Cornwall’s liveliest resort.

Pendeen Hotel is managed by Travelsmith Holidays Ltd.

Travelsmith is a privately owned company who have been arranging holidays for over twenty five years with the emphasis on quality, choice and the highest possible level of personal service.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who have considerable resort knowledge. We pride ourselves on our high standards and for your convenience we are on hand seven days a week to take bookings and to assist with enquiries.

The long and narrow beach at Porth makes the resort popular for families. It has a large tidal range with an expanse of sand and is flanked by cliffs. Beach amenities include a café/shop, toilets and seasonal lifeguard.

The facilities at Pendeen Hotel include a small bar, separate lounge, terrace and private car park. All bedrooms have private shower or bath and toilet, TV and tea maker. Several of the bedrooms have sea views. Family rooms are available.

Full Cornish breakfast is served daily and dinner, if required, is available at our sister hotel, Porth Veor Manor, just 200 yards away. Table reservations can be made via Pendeen reception.

Guests are most welcome to use the facilities at our sister hotel, Porth Veor Manor, just 200 yards away. This includes the bar, Beaucliffes restaurant, swimming pool and grounds.


Hotel rooms normally ready on arrival from 3pm.